Celebrating A New Kind of Summer

The sun is out, spirits are high and we are all eager to celebrate a new kind of Summer. This year, more than ever, we are expecting the Summer to make up for the past year as we now have carte blanche to enjoy all that we have missed out on.

To start our Parisian summer, we are celebrating the sun lit sparkle of Murano glass with the Memento, stool and end table.  With its diamond shaped relief motif and crystalline nature, the Memento tempts the natural light to a different dance from season to season.

Now that Summer is here, the soft Winter light that gently embraces the Memento and hypnotizes the soul, is replaced with the Summer’s striking yellow hues that pierce the Murano glass unabated, creating a wondrous glittery reflection that, simply reinvigorates the senses.

Designed by Dan Yeffet to bring a splash of color and a great conversation to any interior, the Memento is a new feat in glass art.  To bring this design to life we needed a year of research and development to produce its complex mold and then 5 master artisans to shape the glass.


The Future Perfect welcomes the Memento

Just in time for this special Summer, we are happy to share with our American clients that, The Future Perfect will welcome the Memento this July to the Casa Perfect in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco as well as their New York City gallery. Please contact The Future Perfect directly for any inquiries or Veronese’s Director of North American Contracts, Saba Hojjat, at sh@veronese.fr.

If you are based in France, please contact our Soft Contract France Manager, Noelle Kassar, nk@veronese.fr

For the rest of our clients, we welcome you to contact us directly at inquiries@veronese.fr and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Endless colors…


Mirrored Murano glass too.


The making of the Memento from Paris to Murano.

Discover the story behind the making of the Memento and hear from both our Creative Director, Ruben Jochimek, and Dan Yeffet about their personal experience.