Chantal Thomass

Paris 1947

Chantal Thomass began his career in the late 60’s at the prestigious fashion house Dorothée Bis before creating, shortly after its own brand named Ter et Bantine. In 1975, the seamstress created his eponymous company, and presented his first collection the following year. Chantal Thomass revolutionizes the ready-to- wear collection by being the first designer to introduce the lingerie in his fashion shows. The Chantal Thomass brand is mainly characterized by collections of ultra- sexy lingerie with bra, garter belts, corsets or tights. Thereafter, the brand evolves by introducing new materials for his creations but also diversifying its business with the launch of a perfume line, a range of accessories as well as a line of beauty products. Today, Chantal Thomass creations are distributed in 18 countries.

With Veronese, she is a loyal customer, her universe expands to interior design. The opportunity has been given to create the objects she wanted. She drew mirrors, a family of lights and was able to confront his dreams to manufacture, making the trip to Murano. Like Alice in Wonderland, she was surprised and completely seduced by the range of possibilities that are placed at her disposal. With the privilege of know-how still alive, her writing is magnified and is embodied through the “ladies of the night” collection she imagined. It is indeed luxury in terms of rarity, a thorough treatment of “what is not seen” and of course poetry, that of playful and feminine world of creative, with winks look at fashion, diversion quilting and frills that are so dear to him.