Veronese x Bruno Moinard Editions – Infinite Possibilities

Since 1931, we have been driven by our curiosity and desire to bring different worlds together, such as French design know-how with Murano glass craftsmanship. By fusing them together, we have succeeded to create contemporary and innovative designs always true to our heritage. Our latest addition to our collections, Lido by Bruno Moinard Editions, is no exception.


Veronese - Bruno Moinard - Lido - Showroom - 3


The Lido takes its inspiration from the old-world Rezzonico style – a technique conceived in the 18th century by one of Murano’s most renowned chandelier producers, Giuseppe Briati. The glassmaker created the first chandelier in this style for the palace of the Venetian nobility, the Rezzonico family. Since the Rezzonico style has become synonymous with classic Murano design and is a source of great design inspiration.


“…the Lido collection is a pure and contemporary
interpretation of a traditional Murano technique, which
is the core of Veronese’s identity…”

Ruben Jochimek, Veronese Creative Director



Veronese - Bruno Moinard - Lido - Showroom - 5

The idea behind this project started with a casual conversation and then evolved during Moinard’s visit to our new Paris showroom. A significant detail of the Rezzonico inspired chandelier, the Sophia, drew his attention. It was the iconic Bosette – the small glass blown elements perfectly encasing the multiple arms of the Sophia and which have adorned these chandeliers since the 18th century – that intrigued him. Fascinated by the beauty of this detail, its marvel, and its versatility, Bruno Moinard pulled the Bosette from the bouquet of glass pieces and gave it a new contemporary interpretation.


“What drew me to this project was not an examination of the
overall brand, but to immerse myself deeper and discover its
existing elements. And, from there develop a product in my
own style by finding a detail I can magnify, and then transform
it into something contemporary…”

Bruno Moinard, Architect and Designer

Veronese - Bruno Moinard - Lido - BME-3



The Lido marks a new chapter in the story of the Rezzonico style. This new chapter paves the way for a new creative journey with infinite possibilities. By offering a pure design vernacular to the ornate Rezzonico style and a metamorphic lighting system, the possibilities are endless. Today, the collection includes three grand suspensions, tomorrow it will include sconces, smaller suspensions, floor lamps, and more.

Veronese - Bruno Moinard - Lido - BME-2